Mary Rosenbaum Photographs
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Do you live in California or Tennessee?

Yes! My family and I share our time between both locations. It's a bit unusual, but we love it!

Are you married?

Yes! My husband Adam and I are high school sweethearts (feel free to insert an "awwwww" here) and have been married for 7 amazing years. He is typically my second shooter on wedding days, and we love working together. I think part of the reason I like shooting weddings so much is because I like being married so much! We're also parents to 2 super-amazing little boys ... I'm not partial or anything.

How would you describe your shooting style?

Above all, I consider myself a storyteller. I love the emotional moments that are captured without people even knowing I'm there. But I still believe in classic images like a bride smiling to the camera with her parents. I am an active participant in your day (aka if you have lipstick on your teeth, I will tell you!) without contriving moments that are cheesy or fake. I gently tweak details, locations, and positioning to set you up for the best possible images.

Do you offer family sessions?

Yes! I love getting to know families and kids and anyone else who wants their photo taken. Feel free to contact me for my next availability ... these sessions fill up quickly!

What's that amazing song playing right now?

It's called "Love You Strongly" by the fabulous Amy Stroup. Check out her site here for more gems just like this one.

What's your favorite flavor of wedding cake?

Oh, so glad you asked! Dessert is my 2nd favorite topic (next to photography, of course). While I'll always be a chocolate girl at heart, I love a good classic white cake with white icing ~ it sounds boring but isn't when it's done right. And yes, I'll be happy to sample yours and let you know what I think!